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Surviving Deadly Encounters
Kyle Shoberg

This presentation will provide:

  • Fundamental traits of good leadership for officers in the field and how to apply them during a critical incident.
  • How to prepare yourself for a deadly encounter, both mentally and physically.
  • Conditioning your brain to manage high stress situations.
  • The post effects of being in an officer involved shooting.
  • Recognize, understand and address some of the physical, mental, and emotional stresses that occur after an officer involved shooting, or other critical incidents.
  • Understand how an agency can reduce the stresses incurred by the officers department, and community in the aftermath of a police action shooting.
  • Understand the benefits of implementing organizational strategies for educating and maintaining healthy employees in the aftermath of a critical incident.

Kyle Shoberg will also be debriefing in detail the officer involved shootings he was directly involved in.


Kyle Shoberg

Kyle Shoberg

Kyle Shoberg is a Police Sergeant serving in Northern California. He has 15 years of law enforcement experience and 7 years as a K9 Handler. In 2014, Kyle was assigned to the K9 unit, where he currently serves as the unit supervisor. During his time in K9, Kyle worked with the SWAT team and is POST certified in SWAT & K9 Interacting During Deployment (SKIDDs).

Kyle has been a part of numerous critical incidents, including direct involvement in 4 officer involved shootings, over 500 K9 deployments, and over 60 K9 apprehensions. He is the recipient of several police commendations and awards, most notably two Medal of Valor's, the Distinguished Service Medal and a Life Saving Ribbon where he was credited for saving the life of an officer who had been shot in the line of duty.

Kyle has presented to various law enforcement agencies throughout the country as well as speaking at several law enforcement conferences regarding officer wellness and debriefing his officer involved shootings.